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Last phase of China 5G trials starts in 2018

ests to ensure firms can make pre-commercial products quickly

China will start the third phase of 5G technical tests next year, as it aims to get pre-commercial 5G products ready when standards on the next-generation communication technology are expected to come out in June 2018.

Wen Ku, director of the telecom development department at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at a news conference on Friday that “the third phase of technical tests is to ensure that companies are capable of making pre-commercial 5G products.”

According to him, more efforts will be made to accelerate tests on network planning, systems, chips and other products of the industrial chain, which will help lay down a sound foundation for the fast development of a 5G network in China.

The move is part of the country’s broad push to gain a lead in the race toward commercializing 5G, a communication technology which is expected to revolutionize the world.

It will allow consumers to download an 8-gigabit movie in seconds and execute tasks that are thrilling but impossible in the 4G era, such as self-driving cars.


Piotr Mieczkowski

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